Weekly Scientific Meeting

May 10 , 2016

Tumor Biology
Title:Cancer as a metabolic disease: Implications for novel therapeutics
Presenter:Prof: Ashraf Zaghloul & Prof. Prof: Samia Shoman

April 18 , 2016

Surgical Oncology
Title:Updates in Surgical Oncology
Presenter:Prof: Ashraf Zaghloul & Prof. Hisham El-Sebaay

April 11 , 2016

Quality Unit
Title:The way to NCI Accreditation
Presenter:Quality Unit Members

Open Presentation

March 28 , 2016

Biostatistics and Cancer Epidemiology Department
Title:Principles of Survival analysis
Presenter:Prof: Prof: Inas El-Attar

March 21 , 2016

Quality Unit
Title:The way to NCI Accreditation
Presenter:Prof: El Gohary Mousa Tantawy

Open Presentation

October 5 , 2015

Surgery Department
Title:Surgical management of oral cancer
Presenter:Prof. Hamdy El-Marakby

Open Presentation

October 12 , 2015

Medical Oncology Department
Title:BMT in Egypt 25 years experience
Presenter: Prof. ٌHossam Kamel

Open Presentation

October 19 , 2015

Title:Role of DW MRI in Discrimination Between Benign and Malignant Cervical Lymphadenopathies
Presenter: Dr. Yomna Sameh

Open Presentation

November 02 , 2015

Title:Ozone Therapy
Presenter: Dr. Dina Nabil

Open Presentation

November 09 , 2015

Radiation Oncology Department
Title:Role of PET-CT in Oncology
Presenter: Prof. Magdy Kotb 

Open Presentation