Nursing Institute

The Institute was founded in 1996 aiming to have nursing graduates who are capable of providing full care for both individuals and the society in health and disease, especially for cancer. Thus, modern scientific methods are applied in dealing with health problems in terms of evaluation methods and finding suitable solutions and implementing them through modern research methods and nursing theories as well as health education techniques. Moreover, modern technological means such as the personal computer and multimedia are used to convey both theoretical information and practical skills.

The academic year is divided into two semesters. The total number of hours for teaching both theoretical and practical parts is 30-35 hours per week. During this period, the student should learn nursing sciences, basic health and behavioral sciences, as well as education technology and methods of communication. This is followed by a six-month training period on oncology nursing fields.

The Institute organizes training courses to improve the practical skills of the nursing staff in relation to giving chemotherapy, providing nursing care after mastectomy, and providing nursing care for synthetic aperture.

The Institute also organizes a rehabilitation program for cancer patients as well as society awareness programs for prevention and early detection of cancer.

To ensure an ongoing high quality of the learning process, a library that includes the latest references and periodicals in the different fields of nursing is available. Moreover, the National Cancer Institute’s books and references are made use of as well.

A practical skills laboratory is also available. It includes human body models for training purposes prior to the actual communication with patients to ensure their safety.       


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