National Cancer Institute is the leading and the main provider for health care services for cancer patients in Cairo and Middle East region. Being a reference center from all governorates it provides its services for approximately 20,000 patients yearly. In order to cope with "fast growing" cancer research field, emerging technologies and personalized cancer care, our cancer research activities are currently expanding to a new environment for research and discovery. Sheikh Zayed, our new research center is a four floor building located at Cairo University-Egypt Campus in Sheikh Zayed City.

Research Facilities in Sheikh Zayed:

* National Cancer Institute has identified STEM CELLS technology as a key strategic area of research for future. Therefore a very well equipped Cell Culture facility has been established in Sheikh Zayed.
* Establishment of, a highly equipped MOLECULAR BIOLOGY lab is in progress.
* An experimental ANIMAL HOUS has been established.

Activities in Sheikh Zayed include:

* State – of– art- research in personalized cancer care and drug discovery.
* Research & development (R&D) activities in tissue engineering & new drug discovery.
* Continuous medical scientific training programs in collaboration with high caliber universities & research institutes.
* Nanotechnology and its applications in cancer management.
* Role of viruses in cancer causation.
* Research in the field pharmacokinetics, chemotherapy and drug screening.