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IRB Applications Submission


All documents have to be presented not later than 14 days prior to Next IRB session (dead time is the 1st Tuesday of each month)

Researchers must wait to receive IRB approval before implementing any proposed study or amendments.

The National Cancer Institute IRB approval is valid only for one year from date of the session (not issue date).


Documents to be submitted (download as PDF):

I. Documents to be presented for initial approval:

  1. Protocols for MD thesis
  2. Protocols for MSc thesis
  3. Protocols for MSc essay (exempted from IRB review)
  4. Protocols for other trials/studies

II. Documents to be presented promptly

III. Documents to be presented for amendments

IV. Documents to be presented on six (6) months basis

V. Documents to be presented for renewal approval

VI. Documents to bepresented for termination approval