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Background and History of IRB at NCI-Egypt


IRB of the Egyptian National Cancer Institute was established in 1997. It was composed of 5 members including both genders, non-affiliated and non-medical members. The load of review was small and was mostly pharmaceutically sponsored studies. Later the local researchers of the National Cancer institute subjected their proposals for review and approval. The IRB also reviews research studies from other educational centres that lacking this service. In 2004, the NCI IRB signatory official got registered at US Department of Health & Human Services (Organization No. IORG0003381, IRB No. IRB00004025, Federal Wide Assurance (FWA) No. FWA00007284. The number of submitted research studies increased progressively through the years and members of the IRB also increased to cope with the increased work load. In 2009, the Vice Dean of the NCI issued an Act that mandates IRB approval for all MSc and MD thesis.