Department of Radiation Oncology

Scope of Service: 

     The Radiation Oncology and Nuclear medicine Department consists of three units; the Radiation oncology unit receives more than 4000 new patients per year; treatment options include radical, adjuvant and palliative radiation. In addition, 6000 patients came to the department for their follow up appointments; which can be every 3 months, 6 months or yearly. The nuclear medicine unit is concerned with diagnosis using radioactive material (eg; bone, thyroid and renal scans) receiving about 9000 patients per year and treatment of cancer thyroid using radioactive iodine for aprox 5000 patients per year. In addition to these 2 units there is also the medical physics unit which is responsible for planning and calculating the radiation dose for each patient, as well as calibrating different treatment machines and performing quality assurance tests weekly.
     The department offers training programs to house officers and residents. We have a five-year MD program and we also participate in the training of doctors from Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Iraq and Libya who are applying for the Egyptian Fellowship in Oncology. We also have a nurse training program as well as training programs for the technicians  and medical physicists of both the radiation oncology and the nuclear medicine units. 
     The department holds a weekly meeting on Thursday for presenting interesting cases and shedding a light on the latest treatment options and techniques. The nuclear medicine unit holds a Journal club every 2 weeks. We also participate on the weekly NCI conference which is held every Monday morning.