Department of Radiology 

Scope of Services: 

1- Imaging (diagnostic, follow up and interventional procedures) of patients referred to the radiology department from different clinical departments in the NCI using conventional, U.S, CT, MRI special diagnostic techniques, as well as mammography. 
2- Interventional procedures for cancer patients. 

Divisions of the department: 

1- Female imaging unit: 
- U.S breast 
- CT pelvis 
- MRI pelvis 
- MRI breast 
- Biopsies 
- Transvaginal U.S 

2- Ultrasound unit: 
-U.S of different organs 
- Doppler ultrasound 
-U.S guided biopsies 
-Transrectral U.S 

3- Body unit 
- CT of different body parts. 
- MRI of different body organs (except female pelvis) 
- Plain x-ray of the body 
- CT guided biopsies from different body organs
4- Musculoskeletal unit: 
-Plain X-ray of the MSK 
- CT of MSK 
- MRI of MSK 
- CT guided biopsies from MSK masses

5-  CNS unit:
- Skull X-ray 
- CT of the brain, spine, maxillofacial and para nasal sinuses 
- MRI of the brain, spine, maxillofacial and para nasal sinuses 

6- Interventional unit: 
- Venous access 
- Angiographic intervention (vascular intervention) 
- Non vascular intervention 
- RF ablations

7-  Training programs in the department: 
- Residency training program 
- Fellowship program 
- Specialties training programs
*Female imaging 
*Body imaging 
*MSK imaging 
*CNS imaging
* Interventional