Clinical Pharmacy

Scope of service

The clinical pharmacy coordinates the drug therapy process of oncology patient population through comprehensive pharmaceutical care. This includes: drug selection, drug information, dosing, monitoring, outcome management, patient education/counseling and specialized nutrition support services.

Divisions of the department

1- Inpatient sector
  • Ward pharmacist
    • Medication regimen review , drug related problems evaluation and outcome monitoring.
  • Nutritional services
    • Nutritional assessment , enteral and parenteral nutrition calculations and parenteral nutrition compounding.
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring
    • Address, interpret, and communicate relevant pharmacokinetic laboratory values effectively and in a timely manner.
  • Patient education
    • The pharmacist assures the necessary education is provided to the patient for all prescribed drugs.
2- Outpatient sector
  • Medication regimen review , drug related problems evaluation and editing nursing sheet
3-Aseptic Compounding sector
  • Aseptic intravenous compounding of all parenteral drugs, chemotherapy and parenteral nutrition in designated biological safety cabinets in highlights of USP (797)
4-Drug information , newsletter and drug formulary (under implementation)
  • All Pharmacists provide drug information on request.
  • Preparing and distributing the pharmacy Newsletter to all medical staff.
  • Preparing drug utilization review (DUR) .
  • Developing drug formulary
5-Training and education
  • Developing and conducting training performance improvement programs for all clinical pharmacy staff.
  • Developing and conducting training performance programs undergraduate and postgraduate pharmacists.
6-Quality management
  • Improving the quality and safety of the medication use process , review of medication incident reports, adverse drug reactions and competence testing of aseptic admixture process.
7-Computerized pharmacy operations ( future plans )
8-Quality control and clinical research (future plans)
9-Pharmacovigilence (future plans)

Training programs of the department

Executive team

Agenda of educational activities (2014)
Pharmacist’s continuous educational program

Level 1 (January-June 2014)

Level 2 (September- December 2014)

Regular scientific activity calendar

Bimonthly scientific meeting

Future plans
Central Aseptic compounding area
Oncology clinical pharmacy conference