1- Routine laboratory workup (for inpatients and outpatients)
    a- Complete blood picture (CBC) lab:
  • Automated blood cell count for estimation of
  •      * Hemoglobin
         * Red cell indices
         * Platelet count
         * Total leukocytic count (TLC)
         * Differential count
         * Morphologic examination of Leishman stained peripheral blood smears
    b- Bone marrow aspirate and cytochemistry lab:
  • Morphologic examination of Leishman stained bone marrow aspirate smears
  • Application of cytochemical tests for freshly prepared bone marrow aspirate slides
  • c- Bone marrow biopsy lab:
  • Morphologic examination of bone marrow biopsy samples
  • Immunohistochemistry for bone marrow biopsy samples
  • d- Cytogenetics lab:
  • Conventional cytogenetics (karyotyping) for hematologic malignancy cases
  • Flourescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) for the detection of specific chromosomal aberrations
  • e- Coagulation lab:
  • Performing tests of hemostatic function such as
  •      * PT and INR
         * PTT
         * Fibrinogen
         * FDPs
    2- Teaching basic and advanced hematology courses for
  • Clinical pathology doctorate candidates
  • Medical oncology master candidates
  • Medical oncology doctorate candidates
  • Pediatric oncology master candidates
  • Pediatric oncology doctorate candidates
    3- Offering theoretical and practical hematology courses for candidates from different Arab countries as
  • Technicians
  • Science graduates
  • Medical school graduates
  • Medical school students

  • 4- Participation in the scientific research through papers and thesis in the field of hematology

    5- Participation in scientific conferences, scientific meetings and workshops through
  • Theoretical lectures
  • Case presentations

  • 6- Publication of books and Atlases in the field of hematology
Medical Services

Services offered by the

Hematology Lab Unit
  • CBC with differential
  • Bone marrow aspirate
  • Cytochemistry
  • Bone marrow biopsy
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List of equipment

We provide equipmentl services
  • Blood cell counter Sysmex XE-2100
  • Blood cell counter Sysmex XT-1800
  • Blood cell counter Cell Dyne (Ruby)
  • Blood cell counter Cell Dyne CA-3500
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