Continuous Improvement and Qualification for Accreditation Project – NCI 2012-2014

CIQAP:  3.5 million EGP project (funded by Ministry of Higher Education and Cairo university) supporting ongoing Assessment of Quality, Planning and Improvement Designed to Improve Educational Effectiveness at the National Cancer Institute.

Scope of Project:-

1.Achieve an integrated system to review the effectiveness of educational programs
2.Develop Plans and Policies to boost organizational capacity and educational effectiveness
3.Fulfill the integrated assessment requirements of accreditationfrom the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education (NAQAAE)

Intended Learning Outcomes:-

The standards place student learning outcomes (SLO’s) at center of accreditation review process. 
Institutions must identify SLO’s at course, program and degree level, and measure their achievement, and
Institutions must use the assessment of learning outcomes to plan and implement improvements to educational quality


I. Enhance organizational strength: By fostering an inclusive learning and working environment that welcomes and supports continuous improvement initiatives; evaluate performance management plans to confirm integration of strategic plan, business plan and budget goals.
II. Upgrade academic performance and supporting facilities: By aligning curriculum renewal and development with ILOs; Diversify assessment methods for students; Use technology to enhance effectiveness of teaching and learning; Implement faculty evaluation and administrative staff performance management.
III. Promote excellence in applied research: By integrating applied research to enrich learning; establish a permanent applied research capacity across the institute; Expand research and training funding opportunities for students.
IV. Improve Professional Development: By developing leadership competencies; Keep faculty and employees up to date on new technology and systems; provide a policy to foster and improve professional development, Assign accountability at the senior management, faculty and employees level.
V. Develop sustained Resources and Community Service Programs: By creating additional revenue through increasing partnerships in education and training; Seek out external funding sources for NCI through donations and grants; Ensure strong recognition of the NCI.

(برنامج التطوير المستمر والتأهيل للإعتماد بمؤسسات التعليم العالى) CIQAP