Department of Anesthesia & Pain Management

I- Scope of Services of Anesthesia Unit

• Description of Service Location: 
     Operating Rooms Department located in the second floor and has five main operating theaters, reception area, holding area, Post Anesthesia Care Unit of five bed capacity. 
     The unit includes two nursing stations one in front of reception and holding area and the other in PACU, store rooms, soiled and clean utility rooms, resting rooms, laboratory, central sterilization unit, office for medical maintenance service, office for head nurse or and secretary and manager office.  
     The Unit also include pre anesthesia assessment clinic in the first floor.
• Skill levels – qualifications of personnel: 
     The Anesthesia Unit is directed by a certified anesthesia Professor and staffed by qualified anesthetists and technician anesthetists (Professors, Assistant Professor, Lecturers, Assistant Lecturers and Anesthesia Residents). 
There are five anesthesia assistant nurse covering morning and evening shifts according to the Rota.
• Standards of practice: 
     Policies and procedures are formulated by using information and data approved International. All policies are reviewed and approved by the head of the Anesthesia, ICU and Pain Management Department, TQM Coordinator and are subjected to the Head of TOM Department, Medical Director and Dean of the Institute for approval. 

• Outline of Services Provided: 
    The Anesthesia Unit of National Cancer Institute provides complete anesthesia services including general, spinal, regional and conscious sedation. 
     Anesthesia services are available regardless of age, sex, race or financial class on emergent, urgent and elective basis, seven days a week. 
     The anesthesia Unit provides on call coverage after normal duty hours and on weekends and holidays. 
Anesthesia services are available within 30 minutes after anesthesia is determined necessary for all emergency cases (sometimes limited by availability of operating theatre).

II- Scope of Service Intensive Care Unit

• Introduction: 
Open ICU, critical care is provided by a multidisciplinary team of health care professional: 
1. Coordinate total care of the patient. 
2. Ensure that treatment is appropriate for all organ systems. 
3. Honor patient's preference regarding medical treatment. 
4. Respects patient's religions and culture beliefs. 
• Description of Service Location: 
The Intensive Care unit is located on the second floor and has eleven beds two of them in isolation negative pressure room. The unit includes central and auxiliary nursing stations, clean and soiled utility rooms, store, ICU laboratory, rest room for the resident and a manager office. 

III- Scope of Service Pain Management Unit 

1. Daily outpatient clinic. 
2. Five days every week for interventional procedures. 
3. Weekly scientific meeting.